The Timberwolf section is for scouts age 8-11 years of age (grades 3 through 5). This section’s activities are based on The Jungle Book as written by Robert Baden-Powell‘s friend, Rudyard Kipling. The games and practical activities are focused on learning is “by doing.”

The overall program is similar in appearance to B-P’s original pre-1960s Wolf Cub program. The focus is on preparing the Timberwolf scout for scouting in the Pathfinder section. The Timberwolf Section is referred to as a “Pack” (much like the Otter “Raft” or Pathfinder “Troop”) and the smaller units within the Pack are known as “Sixes,” and both boys or girls may join (with the ideal number being 6–8 per Six).


  • Hat: Navy blue baseball-style cap with the Timberwolf Badge centered on the front
  • Shirt: Light Grey jersey tee (OSG-US lists long sleeve, we have adapted to short-sleeve for the climate) with no collar.
  • Shorts/Pants: Dark (navy) blue like hat. Khaki, green or gray is OK, too.
  • Necker: 32″ square neckerchief of the group’s colors, worn with a ring or slide (“woggle”) at the throat
  • Stockings (optional): Dark (navy) blue, khaki, green or gray, plain, for wearing with shorts. Green garter tabs may also be worn with shorts.
  • Shoes: Closed toed, suitable shoes

For badge placement, please reference the BPSA Quick Uniform Reference .

More Info about the Timberwolf Program